Why do you use Tarot?

Why do you use Tarot?

Spiritual teachers come in all shapes and forms. Tarot came into my life to fulfill that role to a degree and also to allow me to express my understanding of the spiritual path by sharing it with others in an organized way.

Systems of symbology can convey much in one blow to the mind and lead the mind to its Source. The purpose, in simple terms, is to make the unconscious aspects of the psyche conscious.

Tarot’s Major Arcana is a map of the spiritual path from beginning to end. It shows all of the forces that come into play, all of the strengths and all of the pitfalls. It shows all of the duality in relevant detail and points at our Non-Dual Nature.

I also appreciate the aesthetics of certain systems of thought; I like Tarot for its beauty, congruence and wholeness. There is nothing fragmented about it; there are no missing parts, like some other systems. The traditional Marseilles deck is a whole system which has suffered no distortions, remarkably. This is stuff designed by a mind much more advanced than humans on the physical plane. A true and effective metaphysical tool.