What is Tarot?

What is Tarot?

What is Tarot?

A system of communication similar to a telephone. One party decides to communicate with the other and initiates a call.

Who are the parties?

Incarnated and non-incarnated humans who have a relationship.

Why would they want to communicate?

In my experience, it is because there are periods in incarnation that are difficult to bear without a deeper knowledge of whatever we are going through and how it relates to our view of our selves. So, the incarnate asks for help, the non-incarnated associate replies in one way or another. Without a physical body they have easier access to a layer of cause and effect that is in the majority of cases, inaccessible to us down here. The line is permanently open and they never miss a call.

Oh, they are like angels, then?

I heard that Angels are a species totally different from humans. If that is the case I am not talking about them. The spirit guides that work with Tarot are just like us, same species and about the same level of of psychic and spiritual development. It just so happens that it is our turn to be in the physical realm and it is not theirs. That changes and the roles can swap in an ongoing fashion.

How does Tarot work?

A question is heard or the intent to receive help or knowledge is felt, they lead us to pick the cards that have meaning to tell the story and give the answer. It is up to the Tarot reader to put the story into words.

How do they lead us to pick a card and not another?

They can steer our thoughts and thus the senses to a certain degree. In simple terms they stick a though in your mind and you act based on that thought.

How do you know it is not your imagination and all this is only in your mind?

When you speak to someone and they answer you know they are there, don’t you? And of course all that is in the mind, where else could it be? Also, going a step further, is there anything other than mind? Pay attention and tell me what is not mind. Mind is previous to the senses and pervades everything. The intellect is merely one of the functions of mind.

I though that Tarot was god speaking to me.

I we truly understand the Omnipresence of God then that is correct for the obvious reason that everything is God, that is: Mind. But as far as a god that is an entity separate or different from us then that is as far from the truth as it can be. Then no, it is not god speaking to you.

Some refer to Tarot as “the universe” speaking to us.

In a figurative or poetical way, why not? As Buddha put it: with out minds we build the world. That is literal. There is no world without, or separate from, mind. That is self-evident. If we fail to grasp that fact due to deeply ingrained misperception then we follow the line of thought of “universe as an entity” (even if it is a huge or infinite entity) and loop back into the ignorance about the true nature of the world. That is a typical phenomenon that occurs in spiritual or religious discussions about god. We believe or intuit that “a power greater than us” exists but we also believe that that power is separate from us, which is a false belief.

So, personally I prefer to avoid philosophy or religion and stick to the pragmatic description or definition of Tarot, which is a reflection of my direct experience, not a belief: a system of communication between two parties.

Is spirituality not the aim of Tarot?

The aim of Tarot is to communicate and impart help and support through information. The subject of the communication depends on your interests at the moment of the inquiry. It may be money, or relationships, or whatever. I am mostly interested in understanding the psyche and interested in spirituality. I also appreciate the aesthetics of this system; not only the cards themselves, but the fact that Tarot exists at all and works so beautifully well.