The World and Nonduality

Tarot is such a fabulous tool. I see it has three distinct qualities.

Firstly, it is a psychological system. It describes the inner human life, one’s interaction with the outer life. It also describes one’s view of life as well as one’s view of oneself and interactions with such.

Secondly, it is a metaphysical communication tool. Through Tarot we can obtain information directly from spirit guides. A kind of cosmic Google Search. But not mechanical. Here we are interacting with intelligence with a heart and human experience. This is no machinery. It is very much human-to-human.

Thus, being human-to-human, there can be miscommunications. Still the beauty of having a conversation with friends and teachers who are not physical is cool to say the least. But it is also, and most importantly, enlightening.

Thirdly, Tarot is a non-duality teaching. Like every true spiritual teaching must, in essence, be. It is a pointer.

The World is the symbol of Non-Duality.

Like any symbol of what Cannot Be Described, it fails as Truth. But no symbol was ever meant to be the Truth. A symbol is a pointer to guide the mind in a certain direction; in this case to its Source.

Here The World is pointing at our True Nature of Freedom or our Natural State of Being. 

But freedom from what? And who becomes free?

Freedom from the shackles of ego-identification. Here, as The World, we no longer are exclusively an individual. We are Everything, the World. And in The World there appears an image called by our names. We become free from what we once imagined ourselves to be.

Now, as The World, we are no longer identified exclusively with our name, body or personality. We are everything, and the personality is a small part of what we are. Even the soul is a mere dimension of our Being, not the whole of it. 

The personality is there to enable interaction and expression of our essence or soul in the world, nothing more. We are no longer the Fool, we merely play its foolish part, but now with Wisdom, Love and Beauty.

Here, as The World, we truly and finally understand why the Fool is called The Fool, not some other name.

Here, as The World, we truly grasp the wisdom of the creators of the Major Arcana.

It is called the fool because it believed what is not true to be true, like any fool must do. How pithy.

The Fool is the fool because it believes itself to be an individual separate from the universe and from its Source. It is ignorant of its own True Nature, which becomes revealed in The Hangedman and stabilized in World and thus all the self-centered suffering the Fool carried is no more.

The Fool never becomes wise. The Fool merely ceases to be taken as “I”, for now “I am The World”. We Are the Wisdom. We Are Impersonal Freedom.

Peace at last.

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