The Psychological Focus on a Tarot Reading

The Psychological Focus on a Tarot Reading
Tarot Major Arcana: The Sun

From a spiritual/psychological perspective the main source of strength is light because psychological suffering is based on fears that are hidden from conscious awareness, that is, they cannot be seen; and if not seen remain active and unconscious providing an endless stream of negative states that we seem not to be ever able to be free from.

A Tarot reading gives conscious form to intuition. Often we have an intuitive grasp of what may be going on in our lives but because fears remain unconscious we are unable to act in ways that are enlightening or straightforward and remain plagued, to a degree or another, by negative emotional patterns which have their roots in an imaginary idea of what we are or have learned to believe we should be. Tarot sheds light on the imaginary picture of ourselves and propels us to liberation from this most peculiar and brutal form of imagination.

Tarot can reveal the actual theme that is central in the spiritual path at any given moment. Without clarity we remain fearful. With light we acquire strength and fluidity in life. This is most marked in periods of impending change in our lives, when we already feel a choice must be made but are afraid to move in any direction whatsoever. Is money the problem? Or is it the relationship that we cling to which brings us down rather than up? Are we expressing our essential qualities or are we repeating imitated mental, emotional and behavioral patters which do not belong to our nature? It is time to let go of the unnecessary and live freely within our skins? With light we can see, and chose with ease and fearlessly.

Tarot reveals when it is time to built or whether it is time to destroy before building can occur. It reveals if it is time to seek help outside or to find the light within. It reveals the character of our obstacles and gives us solid clues as to which energies, already present in our being, are the solution to help us overcome obstacles.

Ultimately Tarot points at the Spirit beyond the psyche; it can point at our True Nature of absolute Acceptance of What Is, as the Transcendence of our drama.