Tarot Major Arcana: The World

The World


The card The World, being the end of the sequence, depicts the Self as it manifests freedom and peace in the presence of the four elements and the experience of duality, which can be said to be the goal of spirituality on the physical plane.

Nothing has been added to us, something has been removed. The imagination of self and the belief of being a separate entity has been removed. 

Here the ego (the human figure in the center) lives in harmony with the whole, be it in pleasure or in pain; as a body and personality that were acquired in this lifetime, in the absence of the claim of separation which caused so much restlessness and unnecessary suffering before.

The ego is not dissolved; the personality and body persist as the mental construct and perceptual experience that they are. What is dissolved is a particular quality of the ego which manifested as the sense of separation from the whole.

The World is not a relative state that comes and goes. The World is not something that was lost and then recovered. The World is not the last step on an individual’s path. It is not a spiritual achievement.

The World represents the ever-present reality before, during, and after the path: a Non-Dual wholeness manifesting quietness, warmth and simplicity, that is equal to our True Self; the Self we have never ceased to be. Or simply, Consciousness.

Marseilles Tarot’s Major Arcana tells the story up to the point that is realized and we live again at peace.

Nothing is wrong anymore.

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