The Wheel of Fortune


The archetype of repetition and cycles. We do not do things only once.

If we fail in the embodiment of the previous archetypes we will come back into incarnation and do it again until satisfied with the result achieved.

The soul’s measure of success for a lifetime is shown by the card The Chariot. Have we done what we set out to do in this incarnation? If so, a new cycle may begin. If not, we may then repeat the plan. That is why Justice is right after the Chariot.

Besides achievement, there is another prime mover of the wheel. We cannot escape the Wheel of Fortune until debt is paid. The Hermit and Justice with their natural wisdom make sure of that. The sphinx figure holding the sword atop the Wheel of Fortune is Justice. It is touching the wheel and decides when to turn or when to stop it.

The result of paying karma successfully and moving forward rather than cycling back, indeed is spiritual maturity, wisdom, integrity, and Strength. Those are requirements to initiate the next stage in spiritual work.