Tarot Major Arcana: The Sun

The Sun


The light of consciousness and love comes into being to continue revealing the unseen roots of suffering, promote understanding and compassion and engender a deep acceptance of what is.

The Sun may come into our lives through a person we meet, a book, a spiritual teacher, a therapist, meditation, Tarot, contact with a non-incarnated spiritual guide, and so forth. The light shines and healing is promoted until it constantly shines spontaneously from within.

This wise and loving energy heals the pain. This is shown by how the happy figure on the right holds and guides the traumatized-looking figure on the left on the Sun card.

The figure on the left has a tail, showing that it carries residual energy from the devil and thus is still subject to psychological suffering.

Notice the three dots on the happy figure’s torso: the symbol of the natural trinity of “love, truth, and beauty”. That is what is imparted in their contact, inviting the figure on the left to leave the emotionally turbulent waters it stands in.

To leave its identification with the body and its history and stand on the peaceful ground; and then, in turn, give and spread love and wisdom freely as the Sun must naturally do.