Tarot Major Arcana: The Star

The Star


Painful events, as brought about by The Tower, if appropriately digested and assimilated, lead us into a state of peace, humility and harmony with the world’s duality, as shown on the card The Star.

There is no fear and there is fluidity and those qualities begin to stabilize, shown by the three stars (love, truth and beauty) among four stars indicating stability. Life is no longer limited by the shackles of the devil, it is now guided by a star shining from within, throughout the psyche.

We are now naked, symbolizing vulnerability, but with fearlessness, as a healthy and sane human being. We are firm with one knee on the ground, but not static. We are ready to respond to the requirements of life thus, the right knee is up poised for movement.

We are aware of divinity as the central star shows above. We pour our energy, as the two pitchers of water show, wherever is needed. We are interacting with the world through acceptance and courage and manifesting our virtues.

We are in a state of creativity and receptivity, a feminine state.

Earlier in the path fear was the norm and moments of enlightenment came and went and did not last. Now light is the norm and fear may come and go and it does not last.