Tarot Major Arcana: The Moon

The Moon


But alas, there may be still disturbing forces at play. These forces may come from traumatic experiences in the past bleeding into the present experience via memory. Or they may be due to present legitimate experiences of pain.

Unresolved unconscious traumatic experiences early in this lifetime or previous lives may impinge upon the present experience bringing that pain back and generating new pain. These experiences may be physical or emotional.

The two animals, like every card in this series, describe the presence of duality and the pendulum between the opposites within manifested existence. Furthermore, it is emphasized here that each side contains the seed of its opposite, shown by the shared colors between the animals; like the Eastern Yin-Yang symbol.

The card emphasizes the emotional factor in the experience of pain. It hurts. And there is a healthy, wise and sane way to deal with it. And there is its opposite.

The Moon’s face on the card is one of hardship and acceptance: consciously processed pain leads to wisdom and peace.

In the image, we see the Moon and the Sun behind it. It is the image of an eclipse. That is if there are unacknowledged and undigested hurtful emotions lurking, be them from the past or present, they will tend to produce an experience of obscuring our peace and the light that never stops shining behind it, in our very core.

Light is needed to illuminate the dark corners where these emotions and our present reaction to them arise from. Pain is natural. Facing pain and fear is the price for the reward of fearlessness and peace.

We need the Sun…