Tarot Major Arcana: Judgement

The Judgement


From a spiritual path point of view, the Judgement represents the moment the sense of being a separate self is removed.

Some call this meditation, some call it self-inquiry, or self-remembering, some call this non-meditation, surrender, or grace. It does not matter the name or the tradition, or if an effort is required or not. This is an event that engenders the dissolution of the sense of separation.

The blue figure represents a cleansed ego rising from a tomb. Once the call is heard, this ego does not claim to be separate from the Whole, nor does it claim to be one with the Whole. The compulsion to make any self-related claims is removed.

In The Judgement we are being told by an angel playing a horn in our faces: ‘Go back to what you already know You Are’.

In essence, this is the same realization present in the Hangedman. However, then it was a total surprise; we were caught off guard.

We had been serious spiritual workers but we had no clue about what we were working for. We were working to save the ego from death, no matter how well-disguised the intent was. We had been sincerely working in ignorance and in the dark.

After the Hangedman we began working toward the goal of self-realization.

In the Judgment, all spiritual goals, and the desire for enlightenment, dissolve entirely. Here the path ends.