My name is Felipe Oliveira. I do readings on spiritual and psychological matters including addressing any theme that is pressing in one’s life, be it relationship, money, work, creativity or any decision-making. The focus is to shed light on areas that may be obscure so that we may perform in life more consciously and thus from a position of more inner strength.

Make sure to read the article The Psychological Focus on a Tarot Reading before requesting a reading.

If you would like a reading fill out the form below and send it to me. Include any details you judge to be pertinent. I will then reply with questions and comments so that I may get a picture of the current context of your life. Then I will send you the answer. If you prefer a phone or in-person reading in Los Angeles let me know and we will arrange for a suitable place and time.

My readings are concise and to the point. However we are free to drill further into any areas of the reading that you choose to explore or investigate in depth. 

The price is $75 for email and phone readings. In-person readings are priced based on time spent, with a minimum of $75. If you are in financial difficulty and want a reading feel free to explain; I may be able to accommodate.

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