From the Fool to the Wheel of Fortune — The Worldly Path

Worldly Path because, for a period, the soul is focussed on world objects and is unconscious of its Spiritual nature. Some people refer to this phase as materialism, but in reality the objects the soul focusses on can be emotional and mental as well as physical, at the exclusion of inquiring into the source of all: Spirit, which is what is focussed on on the “Spiritual Path” (Strength to the World).

As the soul begins to live the arcana “Strength to the World” consciously the inquiry into Spirit deepens and the sense of separation between “me” and the world begins to blur, beginning with the arising of the Hanged Man.

People focussing on the spiritual path do not necessarily “abandon” the first ten arcana. There may be a temporary withdrawal from the world or there may be no withdrawal at all. Because the wisdom and awareness gained through time is increasingly more profound those worldly archetypes can, in fact, be lived more intensely and vividly by those on the “Spiritual Path”.