The High Priestess/Popess – Accumulation of Experience and Memory

The High Priestess/Popess – Accumulation of Experience and Memory
Accumulation of Experience and Memory

The archetype of accumulation of experience, or memory. Female, receptive, passive, emotional. The Magician embodies the creator of experience through choice and action. Intense experience generates memory. Memory is stored passively in the soul’s memory bank. That memory bank is the book the High Priestess holds. She is looking to her right, that is: at the Magician, and receiving the input from the choices he makes and thus the experiences he creates.

The High Priestess teaches passively while the Hierophant/Pope teaches actively.

Why the egg?

Because memory is the seed of and thus begets further experience when inseminated again by present consciousness, the Magician. Memory contributes to the cause of future experience. Memory is psychic material and will help build further experience, good or bad. This memory impinges on the present experience through the Moon; in the same life or in future lives, just as it does now from early in this life and previous lives, to a greater or lesser degree, consciously or unconsciously.

Some tarologists refer to the High Priestess as “the unconscious”. For the majority of people, in the state humanity finds itself at present, memory is unconscious, certainly. However, her book is open for anyone to see. It is not hidden or locked away.

This is a passive archetype, action is required to access her knowledge consciously. Most people, for one reason or another, at one time in our lives or another, simply have no interest in looking. Unconscious life is the rule for most. For those who do have an interest in looking, when we do, the High Priestess engenders wisdom because experience (or time) teaches. Tarot is one prime example of a method used to read the contents of her book and bring the unconscious to consciousness.