The Fool

The Fool

The archetype of the soul who chooses to experience lifetimes on the physical plane.

The soul will live through time and learn and grow traversing seven defined stages through numerous incarnations.

From the entity “Michael” (not the archangel, a different Michael):

In the early stages, and early incarnations, it will focus on survival on the physical plane.

Focus on structures such as family, family lines and the security of groups. Fear of god belongs in this soul age.

Focus is on the individual and individual exploration and success. “I am the center of the universe”. “Me” is the most important thing here.

Focus on the relationship between individuals. Emotion and empathy is developed. “We” is more important than only “me”. You are like me, I am like you. Social maturity and human rights belong to this soul age.

The focus is on the well being of the whole. We and me and the whole are all One living organism. Wars become uninteresting and undesirable by any measure. Unconditional love and Being are what matters in this soul age.

According to he entity “Michael” there are two more soul ages but they pertain to life other than on the physical plane, thus not addressed by Tarot.

Tarot’s Major Arcana from the Magician through the Wheel of Fortune cover the archetypes focussed on mainly by Infant through Mature souls.

The Hermit is an archetype which souls access more and more as the soul ages, it acts as a transition from consciousness focussed outward to inward; from the physical to the metaphysical. So late Mature Souls and Old Souls focus from the Hermit all the way to The World; thus “from Strength to The World” we can call the “spiritual path”.

Spiritually speaking, younger souls mostly have no interest in the Hermit or on any of the following aracana. Their focus is fully on the physical plane which is represented by arcana one through ten.

Arcana eleven through twenty concern the metaphysical aspects of the mind. Arcanum twenty one representing that which is neither physical nor metaphysical: the Essence of our Being.