The Empress – Creation

The Empress – Creation
Creation / Growth

Now that the incarnation game is on, after creation and accumulation, expansion is needed to produce bodies for souls to incarnate in. We need a couple to procreate so we have the Empress and the Emperor next.

The Empress and the Emperor are simple archetypes, from a spiritual standpoint. The empress is the female archetype.

In its most basic and instinctive manifestation it fulfills half the reproduction function. Notice her scepter touching her genitals and the little green leaf sprouting from is base. We will see that scepter in the Emperor‘s hand, while facing the Empress.

It represents all that the female body and psyche entails: receptivity, emotionality, adaptability, yin, softness, care, love.

We incarnate in this or another lifetime to be a woman and experience and express the female body and psyche. Contemplate, be the vehicle of male expansion, absorb, be a girl, a mother, etc.