The Emperor – Mastery / Dominance / Control

The Emperor – Mastery / Dominance / Control
Mastery / Dominance / Control

Like the Empress, a simple archetype: male. And all that the male body and psyche entails: initiative, intellectuality, conquering, mastery, yang.

Again, as the other half of reproduction, the Emperor’s most basic manifestation is that of procreation, shown by the scepter he is offering the Empress and hinted on by the egg under the eagle.

We incarnate in this or another lifetime to be a man and experience and express the male body and psyche. Build, control, explore, expand, be a boy, a father, etc.

We do not necessary live only one of these two archetypes (male and female) in one lifetime. Even though the body and certain personality traits certainly emphasize one or the other we do express both male and female energies in either body.