Temperance — Healing, circulation and Balance

Temperance — Healing, circulation and Balance
Tarot Major Arcana: Temperance
Healing, circulation and Balance

The ensuing attitude or state from that ongoing psychic cleansing and investigation into the nature of mental bondage is Temperance. On one level it is a desire, or the felt need, to balance life and have a sane internal world, thus the flow between the cups in the hands of one single “angelic creature”. It is a certainty that we can go  beyond the insanity that has plagued us so far. (By now we know ignorance and fear are indeed insanity. If we were sane or believed we were sane we would not be on this path.)

We thus aim at recognizing and correcting fundamental distortions in the psyche which naturally produces more harmony in life. “The middle way”, as they say. The process of psychic healing is underway.

The nature of duality is movement and change, and movement happens from one opposite to another as in a pendulum. While a more balanced life is desirable true happiness and peace of spirit are not to be found in the motions of duality. Experiences of great pleasure or happiness inevitably swing to great pain and unhappiness and vice versa. There is no permanent state of happiness in duality.

Peace is to be found in non-attachment to duality. The angel does not look at the opposites in her hands, yet displays the face of graceful peace because she knows, based on the Hanged Man’s experience, that seeking permanence of happiness within the states of duality is a never-ending pursuit. Her sight is set beyond, at The World and the total acceptance of What Is that it entails.