Conscious Path

the last stretch

I call cards eleven through twenty the Conscious Path because since the Hermit began his inquiry, and now that the psyche has Strength, the soul can begin to consciously focus on its Spiritual nature, the revelation of which is shown by the Hangedman.

From Strength onward, the process of recovering the awareness of Spirit unfolds.

The greater the exclusive focus on objects and experiences, the greater the focus on “me” as the personality and the body, the lesser the awareness of Spirit and the greater the sense of separation as a person, and thus the greater the potential for psychological suffering.

Mental as well as physical objects, emotions, and experiences can now, on the Conscious Path, be thoroughly investigated. The transcendence of exclusive self-identification with the object “I” being equal to Spiritual Realization, which entails the end of psychological suffering. That is represented in the card The World.

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