Tarot and Non-Duality

Your approach to Tarot seems to be related to Non-duality.

If we are to approach the concept of Spirituality, as opposed to only psychology, we inevitably land on Non-duality. Non-duality is the basis of every genuine spiritual teaching in history, for the simple reason that Non-duality is Spirit, or the Underlying Reality of every thing. It is not some mysterious or occult knowledge. Non-duality is our Natural State, or True Self.

Tarot is a very flexible knowledge system. It can describe phenomena on various levels: physical, exclusively psychological; or psychological leading to the Spiritual, which is how I use it.

Every card has symbolism on various levels. For example, when we talk about the card The World as “realization” on a mundane level it may simply mean the accomplishment of some goal in the person’s life or reaching the end of some endeavor. Spiritually speaking, however, the card The World points directly at Non-duality as that is the “accomplishment” of the goal of Spiritual Realization.

Up to The Judgement we are dealing with events in duality. If we take The World as a symbol of Non-duality then it is not pointing at an experience, it is not a thing and it does not belong to or is achievable by anyone, it is not the last step on a path, it does not come and go and it is not a future realization. It is a pointer to the ever-present underlying Reality of Being, where all objects and experience appear and which all creatures partake.

The experience indicated by the card “The Judgement” provides the change of perspective in awareness from duality to Non-duality and thus from words to Total Silence. From a restless psychological state full of unnecessary suffering to the peace of our Natural State.

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