Articles on Tarot

and spirituality

Why The Hangedman’s Path?

My approach to Tarot is aimed at offering insights to those who feel they need clarity as to where they are in their path; and what the requirements or challenges are in the step they find themselves within that process.

The Devil and the Judgement

A psychological phenomenon which requires a spiritual, rather than psychological, “approach”. The devil signifies our imaginary picture of ourselves, of which our chief feature is

Thoughts on Temperance

Temperance depicts the energies of the psyche in balance. It is what is referred to as the “right work of centers” in the 4th Way

The Lover or the Lovers?

This article is based on a discussion with a fellow Tarot reader about Jung’s idea of archetypes. The question arose about the meaning of “the

Major Arcana Decimal Pairs

The relationship between each of the ten arcana in the worldly path and its corresponding position in the spiritual path.

Love, Truth and Beauty

The natural and rightful operation of the three centers of sentient beings: emotional, intellectual, and physical

The Marseilles Deck

Why are there discrepancies in the way words are spelled and positioned on the cards?