Tarot Major Arcana: The World
Tarot Major Arcana: The Hangedman
Hangedman's Path

Spiritual Tarot

the spiritual path and nonduality

The Marseilles Tarot Major Arcana can be taken as a map depicting the spiritual path on the physical plane from beginning to end. It is a tool to allow the user to bring unconscious areas of the psyche into consciousness and engender understanding and discrimination, and perhaps insight. The series shows the duality in relevant detail and points to our Non-Dual Nature. 

What is presented on this website is not intended to be truth. Words and concepts are not truth. However, some words and concepts can point to Truth. Truth, in my definition, being That which sets us free from the shackles of self-imagination and psychological suffering.

The offer here is to share knowledge and experience with those who are on their way to having, or have had, the Hangedman’s revelation, and feel they could benefit from further understanding of where they are in their process towards liberation from psychological suffering; and what the requirements or challenges are in the stage they find themselves within that process.

Here is an article detailing why this is called the “Hangedman’s path“.

The Path

a summary

After we have had enough of repeatedly (Wheel of Fortune) pursuing numerous permutations of worldly experiences (cards one through ten), have paid major karma (Justice) and have had some significant introspection (The Hermit); we may come to a turning point. A point of enough psychological cohesiveness to allow us to initiate a certain internal work to correct the mess we have gotten into psychologically, which has taken our natural peace away. 

Within that process, the state of readiness and intent to restore our Natural State of Peace is depicted on the card “Strength”. We are now ready for the revelation of The Hangedman and the renewed spiritual perspective that ensues. The new process of “elimination of the unnecessary” (Death) will conclude with The World.

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